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The World's First "Trial Marriage" MMORPG "Wings of Eternality" Will Be Released By Springgame

Public Time:2018-11-30 10:27

Providing players with an unprecedented social experience, "Wings of Eternality", which is most anticipated by global players, has recently announced that it will be exclusively represented by Springgame. It will be listed in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in the near future, and the pre-registration activity will be open soon!

[Love begins with encounter]
Hades, the sorcerer from Hell, tried to invade the human realm and vowed to bring the world into the dark!
As the eternal guardian of this land, you must defeat him before Hades gains the power of the gods, otherwise the entire world will become an endless dark abyss...
During this dangerous journey to the forbidden land of the underworld, the destiny boy saved the imprisoned mysterious girl:
- Her wings are enough to subvert a city, and now I only want to be your strongest shield.
- The fate of the human beings is in your hands!

[Couples try marriage, sweet cohabitation]
"Wings of Eternality" pioneered the world's only "trial marriage system" gameplay: Here, players can choose and stay in a variety of wedding rooms with lovers, to experience the sweet and romantic cohabitation life, and build a dedicated "love nest".
Marriage rooms, wedding rings and wedding cars can all be attributed to the addition of attributes. The higher the combat power is to protect the most loved ones!
Imagine that before the exclusive wedding room, you exchanged the wedding ring with the destined TA symbolizing true love, riding a beautiful wedding car, wearing a white wedding dress, and finally making an eternal vow.
In the sky fireworks and roses, the happy smile of lovers will be the most beautiful moment in this life...

[Real People Dating]
"Wings of Eternality" social system is diverse, in addition to the "trial marriage game" for lovers, as well as the "friend circle" platform for all players.
Can the gaming system replace social software? of course can! The "Final Guardian", the main value-for-money friend, gathers the most beautiful little brother, Miss OR, in the history of the game, to create a game-specific social platform that is comparable to LINE, WhatsApp, and WeChat!
Here, players can share their daily life with friendly strangers by uploading their real avatars and materials. Not only can they make real friends, but they can also harvest a true love. You will never be alone anymore.

[About the World, Violent Attack]
The core of MMO games, of course, is multiplayer fighting - there are real-time cross-service PK tournaments for global players, ranking No. 1 in the competition world!
"Wings of Eternality" is an excellent double-helical balance combat system, which allows the skill release and speed to achieve perfect balance, and get rid of the nightmare of the usual mobile game multiplayer copy.
The combat-level physical strike experience is thrilling, like a full-screen light effect and limit killing in a stormy storm, don't want to feel it?

- Love begins with encounters; war, only for guardianship!
- This time, you won't be allowed to leave.
The beautiful magic MMO summit "Wings of Eternality", the last love in 2018, will meet you...